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The UA College of Engineering honored remarkable seniors, graduate students and teaching assistants for the spring 2016 semester at a luncheon held shortly before the end of the semester. Among the recipients were the following electrical and computer engineering students:

Outstanding students Nicolas Fajardo, Min Liang and Nengyun Zhang

Outstanding Senior
• Nicolas Fajardo, nominated by Associate Department Head Hal Tharp

Outstanding Graduate Student
• Min Liang, nominated by professor Hao Xin

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant
• Nengyun Zhang, nominated by professor Wolfgang Fink

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Research by a University of Arizona PhD candidate in electrical and computer engineering could make always-available wireless connections a reality using a new combination of artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Hamed Asadi thinks machines can learn a lot from humans.

Hamed Asadi presents his latest paper on cognitive engine learning

The UA graduate research assistant's work in cognitive radio engines, or CEs, often draws parallels between an infant's growth into adulthood and an engine’s artificial intelligence: going so far as to label the four progressive learning stages of a CE "infant, childhood, teenager and adult."

"In the infant stage, the engine has a lot to learn and is at its most unstable," Asadi said. "By the time it reaches the adult stage, the engine has learned most of what it needs to maintain a steady link and perform optimally."

Asadi's training algorithm even incorporates what he calls the "forgetfulness factor," allowing the engine to delete or forget older, less... Read Complete Article

That's a wrap! Design Day 2016 saw 24 student teams take home awards ranging from innovation to best design documentation. 

ECE senior, Ian Carmichael, explains his team's project at Design Day 2016

The department of electrical and computer engineering was well represented by students in nearly all of the winning categories.

We tip our hats to the following ECE seniors for a job well done:

Kristy Pearson Fish Out of Water
Steven Wirth (Team 15065)

Thorlabs Photonics Is the Future
Steven J. Murrell and Jinghao Zhou (Team 15053)

Honeywell Excellence in Aerospace Electronic System Design
Spencer Y. Lee (... Read Complete Article

Professor Jerzy Rozenblit will travel to Poland as a Fulbright Scholar to research and develop new methods and systems for training surgeons on minimally invasive robotic systems.

Guidance systems, similar to those used by rearview cameras, could make learning to perform robotic surgery as simple as backing up a car. At least, that's the basic idea behind research by University Distinguished Professor Jerzy Rozenblit in the University of Arizona department of electrical and computer engineering.

Jerzy Rozenblit discusses his research in computer-aided surgery during a TEDx Talk at the Student Union in 2013.

The Raymond J. Oglethorpe Endowed Chair will travel to Poland for six months in 2017 as a Fulbright Scholar to collaborate on development of simulation models and devices to train physicians in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. He has previously traveled to Poland... Read Complete Article

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