Advanced Topics in Optical and Electronic Materials
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Graduate Course Information
ECE 534 (MSE 534, OPTI 534)    Advanced Topics in Optical and Electronic Materials
Credits:    3.00
Prerequisite(s):    Graduate Standing
Course Website:    D2L
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Course Schedule:    Lecture:  150 minutes/week
Course Assessment:    Homework:  6 – 10 assignments
Exams:  1 Midterm Exam, 1 Final Project
Grading Policy:    Typically:  30% Homework
                  40% Midterm Exam
                  30% Final Project
Course Summary:    The objectives of the course are: 1) to classify optical properties and electrical properties of materials according to material type, structure and physical properties, and 2) to examine recent innovation in optical and electronic materials research within the context of the core course content.  Course topics covered include, but are not limited to:  metals, insulators, thin films, semiconductors, gain and cavity devices, lasers, non-linear and electro-optic materials physics, and band structure and its relation to electrical and optical properties of materials.  Special topics vary each year according to recent developments in research but may include such topics as: nano-materials, photonic band-gap structures, transparent conductive oxides, microelectronic devices, optical materials for lithography, femtosecond laser-matter interactions, photosensitive materials, optical MEMS, and solar energy systems.
Textbook:    Simmons and Potter, “Optical Materials,” Academic Press, 2000, available online.
Prepared by:    Kelly S. Potter

University of Arizona College of Engineering