Program Educational Objectives

ECE Mission

The mission of the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Arizona is to develop and maintain programs of excellence in teaching and research that will support the state of Arizona in its development as a leading center for high-technology industry and support national needs for the development and application of electrical-, electronic-, and computer-based high technology.

Program Educational Objectives

Our program educational objectives have been defined by the faculty with input from our ECE Industrial Advisory Board and ECE alumni.

Objective 1: Technical proficiency. Building on fundamental knowledge, graduates should continue to develop technical skills within and across disciplines in electrical and computer engineering or in closely related fields.

Objective 2: Professional growth. Graduates should develop and exercise their capabilities for life-long learning to enhance their technical and nontechnical skills.

Objective 3: Management skills. Graduates should develop and refine their knowledge and skills for management, communication and professional ethics.

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