Agent-Based Simulation
Fall 2013
Elective for ECE
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ECE 508 Agent-Based Simulation

Credits: 3.00

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Course Assessment:

  • ·         Homework:  8 – 10 assignments
  • ·         Project:  1 project
  • ·         Exams:  1 Final Exam

Grading Policy:  Typically:  25% Final Exam, 75% Project.

Course Summary: This course introduces the students to the concept of agents, multi-agent systems, and agent-based simulation; the key issues associated with constructing agents, building and implementing models; the main approaches to developing agent-based simulation systems; NetLogo and other contemporary platforms for implementing agent-based simulation; the main application areas of agent-based simulation.           

Most importantly, the students will be able to develop meaningful agent-based systems.

Graduate Standing

“Agent-Based and Individual-Based Modeling: A Practical Introduction”
by Steven F. Railsback & Volker Grimm. Princeton University Press, 2011.

Course Topics: 

Agents, objects, distributed systems.

Multi-agent nonlinear stochastic systems.

Agent personalities. Mobile agents.

History of multi-agent systems research.

Distributed Artificial Intelligence.

Complex systems.

Cellular automata.

N-person games.

Artificial life.

Agent simulation as a tool for understanding human societies. Social networks and dilemmas.

Agent simulation in Game Theory, Economics, Biology, Sociology, Political Science, etc.

Design and implementation of multi-agent models.

Computational techniques for agent-based simulation.

Using NetLogo to implement and analyze agent-based models.

Agent simulation design methodologies.

Platforms for implementing agent-based simulation.

Pitfalls of agent development.

Applications of agent systems to real-life problems.

Case studies.

Class/Laboratory Schedule: 

Lecture:  150 minutes/week

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Miklos N. Szilagyi
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April 2013
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Miklos N Szilagyi
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April 19, 2013

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