Information Theory
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ECE 636

Information Theory



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Homework:  8 – 10 assignments.

Exams:  2 Midterm Exams, 1 Comprehensive Final Exam

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Typically: 10% Homework,

                  30% Exam #1,

                  30% Exam #2,

                  30% Final Exam.

Course Summary:

Definition of a measure of information and study of its properties; introduction to entropy, mutual information, channel capacity, and rate-distortion theory.

ECE503 - Probability and Random Processes

“Elements of Information Theory,” by T.M. Cover and J.A. Thomas, Wiley.

Course Topics: 

1.     Entropy, Relative Entropy, Mutual Information

a. Intuitive interpretation of entropy

b. Joint Entropy

c. Conditional Entropy

d. Conditional Relative Entropy

e. Conditional Mutual Information

f. Sufficient statistics

g. Fano’s Inequality

2.     Asymptotic Equipartion Principle

a. Application of AEP: Simple minded data compression

3.     Entropy Rates of Random Processes

a. Hidden Markov Models

4.     Data Compression

a. Huffman codes

b. Optimality of Huffman codes

c. Shannon-Fano-Elias coding

d. Arithmetic coding

5.     Channel Capacity

a. Binary erasure channel (BEC)

b. Channel Coding Theorem

6.     Differential Entropy

7.     The Gaussian Channel

a. Binary amplitude modulation

b. Independent channels with average power constraint

c. Channels with dependent noise

8.     Rate Distortion Theory

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Lecture:  150 minutes/week

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Michael Marcellin
Prepared Date: 
April 2013

University of Arizona College of Engineering