Research Centers

Broadband Wireless Access & Applications Center

The Broadband Wireless Access & Applications Center, or BWAC, exists to create flexible, efficient, reliable and secure wireless access and application solutions that help satisfy society’s broadband communication needs -- in business and in the lives of individuals. Funded by the National Science Foundation, BWAC’s mission is to address issues of spectrum through novel broadband technologies, as well as to work with industry and academic partners to pursue large-scale research programs and create new visions for the wireless industry.

Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling & Simulation

The Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling and Simulation (ACIMS) is devoted to research and instruction that advance the use of modeling and simulation as means to integrate disparate partial solution elements into coherent global solutions to multidisciplinary problems. To do this, the Center advances the concepts, tools, and methodology of modeling and simulation so that it can make the enormous computation power available today applicable to emerging problems requiring multidisciplinary solutions.

Center for Autonomic Computing

The Center for Autonomic Computing (CAC) is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center that focuses on special- and general-purpose computing systems, components, and applications that are capable of autonomously achieving desired behaviors. CAC research activities will advance several disciplines that impact the specification, design, engineering and integration of autonomic computing and information processing systems. They include design and evaluation methods, algorithms, architectures, information processing, software, mathematical foundations and benchmarks for autonomic systems. Solutions will be studied at different levels of both centralized and distributed systems, including the hardware, networks, storage, middleware, services and information layers. The industry/university partnership combines an academic environment with state-of-the-art research initiatives and real-world applications. Currently, CAC has 14 industry members and 3 university members: The University of Florida, The University of Arizona, and Rutgers.



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